Ashes of the Phoenix

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Ashes of the Phoenix

Post by Fate on Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:13 pm

The city was in chaos. The dust had settled upon the collapse of Spire, and what remained was broken homes, people and vehicles, antiqued with a thin coating of dust and debris. Groans and cries for help came from the few survivors who were caught beneath the fallen corpse of Spire, reaching for any form of help they could get. A few people were scrambling to assist in any way they could. Emergency vehicles had rolled up with sirens and lights announcing their arrival as teams of people gathered to try and salvage what little life they could.

Once everything that could be salvaged had been, The bodies of the survivors had been brought to a medical facility to the south of the city. It was far enough away that the fall of Spire hadn't damaged it very much, though there were still complications with the electricity that produced a more than eerie ambiance through out the entirety of the medical clinic.

There had only been two bodies found within the wreckage of Spire. One of which was Cero; a celebrity among the citizens of Zelnaga. The other was less known, but her face had been plastered on the screens of televisions and bulletin boards in an attempt for the demonic beings in power, to try and offer a bounty on Petra's whereabouts. Though that didn't seem important at the time. The two survivors of Spire had been placed in a healing room, where nurses and doctors a like would be watching over them.

Night had finally fell upon the city once again, shrouding the remains of Zelnaga in a blanket of darkness. The usual luminescence had faded to nothing due to the power being out, but there were teams working on it with haste. No one knew that with the fall of Spire itself, morning would actually bring sunlight to cascade over the city. The sun hadn't been seen in years ever since the tower had been built, but it seemed that with enough influence through television and tainted consumer products, no one really asked why.

The lights flickered within the confines of the medical facility as the generator powering it was having a difficult time keeping up with the demand of electricity, but it was better than nothing. Nothing separated Cero and Petra, other than a thin sheet between their beds for minimal privacy as they recovered. Through out the night itself, there were no one but nurses to check their vitals, and the occasional security guard wandering the hallways of the facility just to make sure that no one stole any supplies, or tried anything they shouldn't.

Word had gotten out to the headquarters of local law enforcement that there had been survivors, alerting the very few who were up this late at night, that two suspects had been found in the rubble of Spire, and were currently being held at the Aatrox Medical Facility for recovery.

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Re: Ashes of the Phoenix

Post by Cylus on Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:31 pm

A ringing had brought Cylus out of a state of boredom. He sat up in his chair within the precinct, reaching over his desk and grabbing hold of the phone that had been buzzing. He brought it to his ear to hear panicked voices speaking about how "it was destroyed." He listened as best as he could before he replied, trying to soothe the mind of the person talking. He could already hear sirens going off through the speaker of the phone before he hung up.

He leaned back in his chair, and his mind was rushing like an angry flooded river about what had just happened. He had felt the vibrations just a few moments ago, but he had just assumed that it was a miniimal earth quake. He hadn't figured there had been a catastrophe such as the fall of the most populated building in the entirety of remaining civilization. The body count was going to be staggering. The very thought of how many dead that event would produce made his stomach roll.

He shoved himself to stand from his chair after a few moments, hearing on the two way radio that Cero Dominguez and Petra Stavros had been found in the wreckage. Instantly his eyes moved towards his computer screen. He eagerly typed in a few things before seeing their pictures pull up into view. There had been a report of several different counts of assault, battery, breaking and entering, man slaughter, and theft under their names. Sure, it was his job as a member of The Vigil, a group designated for enforcing law through out the city, to go and detain these two, but at the same time, there had been more reason for him joining than just to play cops and robbers.

These two were the last ones to see his brother, and it would be with them that he would be able to get any information about his location, regardless of how limited that information might be. He needed to get to them as soon as possible, so he packed up a few of his things, sliding his firearm back into it's holster behind his hip, and slid on a lengthy black trench coat which had been covered in badges and medals of acknowledgement.

Just as he had finished readying himself, and grabbing the keys to his bike, a voice boomed in his boss' office. "Magra! You better not be splitting. There's still a lot of shit you haven't finished yet! Don't you dare try to take new cases when you're old ones are still open!" A pause fell over the place. The voice boomed again before the door to the office was thrown open in anger. "Magr.. Son of a bitch." Cylus was gone, the bike already ripping down the street with an aggressive sounding roar before it pulled into AMF.

The bike was turned off, and Cylus stepped into Aatrox Medical Facility, passing the guards after flashing his badge at them. Eager footsteps carried him down the corridor until he reached the room that Petra and Cero were recovering in. He peered through the window to see if they had woken up yet with a bit of uncertainty. What if they didn't know where his brother had gone? What if he had died? What if there was no point in his search anymore? Either way. The door was pushed open quietly, and Cylus stepped in, moving to the nearest chair and flipping open a magazine to await their regaining of consciousness.

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